What is Truth?
Heidegger, a 19th century German Philospher, felt that the original Greek meaning of “unconcealed” was the essence of the word. Truth was not meant to confirm a hypothesis. It was not meant to understand a physical law of nature. It was meant to reveal a mystery. To allow the light of grace to shine upon that which is unknowable.

In that way, Faith, and the corresponding painting above, find that Truth in the universe created by God. The mystery is not meant to be understood, but merely known. We cannot understand the nature of the Lord, nor know the limits of His plan, but the knowledge of His existence brings the light of Truth to the faithful.

The brush strokes of the painting in the darkest part appear chaotic, disjointed, symbolizing the fear and sadness of a world without Faith, without Truth. While the brilliant whites and subtle yellows of the light provide a sense of calm. It lets the artist communicate to his audience the sense of beauty and wonder that comes from the revelation of the mystery.