For more detailed discussion of Catholic art through the millennia, I recommend the following link by Maureen Mullarkey.  An Unmanifesto -  A Proposal to Retire "Catholic Art"

I see art as a special form of communication between the artist and the viewer. This artistic communication relies on direct visual impact rather than on words or concepts. Thus, I seek to speak directly to feelings and emotions without the artificial symbolism of language.  My choice of subject matter and execution differ greatly among individual galleries and paintings, but I believe that there is a mood of serenity and introspection present an all of my artwork.

Over the last several years my artistic mission has gained definition and my vision has come into focus.  My goal is to describe visually the mysteries of the Catholic Church using contemporary styles such as abstraction. Medieval and Renaissance depictions of  mystical concepts and biblical themes such as the Annunciation, the Blessed Trinity, the Crucifixion, while breathtaking in size and scope, present images that are difficult for modern viewers to appreciate.  While abstraction does not create the same degree of narrative detail as that found in classical artwork, I believe that it can provide a more powerful image to describe concepts that we as humans cannot understand intellectually and ultimately to be a source of inspiration.  At the very least, we can update and modernize the symbolism and presentation of a vast amount of western art history.