Faded Memories

Faded Memories
36X48 Stretched Canvas

Meet Brigid, the pre-Christian Irish goddess and member of the ancient Tuatha De' Danann. Brigid was associated with protection, healing, wisdom, and poetry.

Through the years I've enjoyed painting various images of Brigid, including placing her on my homebrew labels. When I learned earlier this year that I had Alzheimer's disease, I decided to express some of the intense emotions through my artwork, and I’m beginning with Brigid.

My goal is to complete several paintings that express living with gaps in cherished memories, as well as the new treatments for the disease that may initially slow or stop the progression and potentially lead to a cure. I’m scheduled to begin one of these new treatments in February 2024.

The canvas is dominated by a spectrum of radiant splashes of yellow, green, and violet that symbolize the vitality of recollections. These bold strokes represent the vivid memories that once painted the canvas of the mind with clarity and emotion. As the eye moves towards the center of the painting, vibrant and intense hues become increasingly subdued, gray, and eventually a black hole. This mirrors the gradual fading of memories.

This painting captures the emotional journey of memory loss through the use of colors, inviting you to contemplate the transient and delicate nature of the human experience.