Moving Mountains

Moving Mountains
Luan Panel

Imagine a scene where the normally tranquil mountains suddenly come to life in a violent upsurge of natural power. The setting is a rugged, remote mountain range, characterized by its towering peaks and deep valleys.

The day begins with an eerie stillness in the air. The sky above is a serene, clear blue, and there's not a hint of what's about to happen. As you gaze at the majestic mountains, everything appears calm and timeless.

But then, without warning, the earth beneath your feet starts to tremble. It's a low, rumbling vibration that grows in intensity with each passing second. The ground beneath you shakes, and rocks and pebbles start to roll down the slopes.

As you look up at the mountains, you see the unbelievable. Massive boulders and debris are being violently ejected from the mountaintops, carried upward in an awe-inspiring display of nature's power. It's as though the very earth itself is rebelling, and the mountains are flexing their ancient muscles.