Urban Living

Urban Living
36X24 Acrylic Painting

The neighborhood of Timbergrove Manor in Houston showcases a fascinating blend of architectural styles and functions, offering prospective buyers a range of housing options from charming 1950s vintage homes to sleek, modern mansions. This variety is a testament to Houston's unique lack of urban zoning regulations, which allows for a rich tapestry of residential, commercial, and industrial buildings to coexist in close proximity.

This eclectic mix is captured beautifully in the painting titled "Urban Living." The artwork vividly illustrates the diverse architectural landscape of Timbergrove, where old and new structures stand side by side, creating a dynamic urban environment. The sky in the painting provides a stunning, colorful backdrop that enhances the scene, inviting viewers to pause and appreciate the vibrant hues that illuminate the entire neighborhood.

The combination of different building styles and purposes not only reflects the area's history and growth but also offers a unique living experience for its residents. The painting serves as a visual celebration of this diversity, highlighting the neighborhood's unique charm and the harmonious coexistence of its varied elements.

And this building is our nextdoor neighbor!